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Apple's new Mac mini lacks user-replaceable memory

An early assessment of Apple's late-2014 Mac mini found that the headless desktop does not come with user-replaceable RAM, but does include user-serviceable hard drives.

According to Mac mini-based datacenter Macminicolo, the Apple's latest mini model does not feature user-replaceable memory as it did in the previous version introduced in 2012. The firm's owner, Brian Stucki, posted his findings to Twitter and the company's blog on Friday.

It is not yet clear why Apple chose to incorporate permanently built-in RAM modules, but the new cheaper memory upgrade options may provide some respite for buyers. Apple's entry-level $499 Mac mini ships with 4GB of RAM and can be upgraded to 8GB or 16GB for an extra $100 or $300, respectively. The mid- and top-tier minis come with 8GB of memory standard, which can be configured to 16GB for $200.

Along with the memory findings, Stucki said the internal hard drive can be replaced or upgraded by the user, but believes it will void Apple's warranty. Prior to 2014, the Mac mini was offered in a two-HDD configuration that ran OS X Server. With its hardware refresh, Apple has discontinued the server option and limited internal storage to 1TB, but does include the faster Fusion Drive as a standard feature for the top-end model.

Apple unveiled the long-awaited Mac mini refresh at a special media event on Thursday, bringing faster fourth-generation Intel CPUs and a price cut to $499.