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Christian Bale confirmed to play Steve Jobs in upcoming biopic, to start shooting soon

In a Bloomberg Television interview with Emily Chang, Oscar winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin confirmed Christian Bale will play Apple cofounder Steve Jobs in a forthcoming feature film based on Walter Isaacson's biography of the late tech guru.

Sorkin said that Bale didn't have to audition for the part of Jobs, with the acclaimed actor only requiring a meeting to secure the role.

"We needed the best actor on the board in a certain age range and that's Chris Bale," Sorkin said. "He didn't have to audition. Well, there was a meeting."

Bale was first rumored to be in consideration in March, when David Fincher, who is no longer attached to the project, picked him out to play the part. A report earlier this month claimed Bale was in final talks to join the project under Academy Award winning director Danny Boyle ("Slumdog Millionaire," "Trainspotting"), but nothing was unconfirmed at the time.

Sorkin also dropped a few hints as to what to expect from his adaptation, saying Bale will essentially carry the movie. Bale is a well known method actor and his work in "The Fighter" earned him an Oscar in 2011 for Best Supporting Actor. Last year, he was nominated for Best Actor for his performance in "American Hustle."

"He has more words to say in this movie than most people have in three movies combined," Sorkin said. "There isn't a scene or a frame that he's not in. So it's an extremely difficult part and he is gonna crush it."

Sorkin went on to say that principal shooting for the film should begin in the next couple of months, but failed to offer a definite timetable.

The complete interview will air in an upcoming edition of "Studio 1.0."