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Microsoft continues ad assault on Apple's MacBook Air, features Lenovo in latest spot

Apple's wildly popular MacBook Air remains in Microsoft's crosshairs as the Windows maker seeks to break Apple's stranglehold on the premium laptop market, this time compared to Lenovo's Yoga 3 convertible PC in Microsoft's latest television advertisement.

Both devices start the ad — dubbed "Let's Dance — in the standard laptop form factor, before being turned to profile and the Yoga 3's 4-millimeter thickness advantage called out. The Yoga 3 is then shown in a series of different physical configurations, which the MacBook Air "struggles" to match via animation.

The MacBook Air tremors when attempting to stretch to match the Yoga 3's tablet mode, for instance, before plopping down on the edge of the keyboard and display as it fails to replicate the Yoga 3's "tent" configuration. Back in laptop mode, the MacBook Air's lack of a touchscreen is then called out, with a disembodied arm poking the ultraportable Mac hard enough that it rocks backward on its feet.

The MacBook Air then closes its own lid, seemingly in shame, as the words "game over" appear on screen.

It is worth noting that the spot features OS X Mavericks, despite airing weeks after the release of OS X Yosemite, Mavericks's successor.

The new spot is similar in composition to a series of previous ads that compared the MacBook Air to Microsoft's own Surface 3. Those ads focused primarily on functionality, though they also included jabs at the MacBook Air's perceived lack of physical flexibility.