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Apple updates French website to show support for Charlie Hebdo after deadly terrorist attack

Following a horrific attack on satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo that left 12 dead, Apple on Thursday added to its official regional website a full-width black banner reading "Je suis Charlie."

The inky black banner on is emblazoned with a stylized "Je suis Charlie" (I am Charlie) logo, the same mark seen on Charlie Hebdo's own website and on signs carried by crowds participating in mass vigils throughout Europe. "Je suis Charlie" is at the same time a result of and call for solidarity.

Today's update is a small but significant one for Apple, which just recently kicked off a worldwide promotion touting visual arts created on its products. Apple is known for its support of media makers — the company's "Think Different" ad campaign included a handful of legendary artists — and the banner represents a show of solidarity not only with the magazine, but creatives everywhere.

The Charlie Hebdo attack elicited public outcry from well-known comedians, journalists and other figures as an assault against freedom of speech, thought and the press.

Charlie Hebdo has in the past sparked outrage from the Muslim community for publishing notorious cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad. In 2011, the magazine was bombed after running a satirical cartoon shown mocking the religious figure.

On Wednesday local time, gunmen raided Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris and opened fire on staff during a lunchtime meeting. Four of the magazine's cartoonists, including its editor, were killed in the attack, BBC News reported. Two police officers were also gunned down and at least two of the perpetrators remain at large.