Makeovr Web app lets iPhone users create blank spaces on home screen

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If you've ever found yourself despairing over Apple's insistence that home screen icons be lined up neatly in rows, but can't — or won't — turn to jailbreak tweaks, a relatively new Web app called Makeovr has come to your rescue.

Makeovr provides a quick way to create "invisible icons" — icons that will occupy slots on your home screen, but which appear to blend into the background. Using this technique, you can position regular app icons or folders in a slot of your choice.

It works by taking advantage of an iOS feature that dates back to the first-generation iPhone: the ability to add Web pages to the home screen as pseudo-apps. This was, of course, Apple's initial strategy for third-party apps on the platform but was quickly superseded by the iOS SDK and App Store.

Apple gives web developers the ability to define custom icons for use in the event that their site or Web app is added to an iOS home screen. Makeovr creates a number of custom icons based on a specific wallpaper, and lets users select individual icons based on which portions of their screen they'd like to be "blank."

You can choose from one of Makeovr's ready-made themes, including an excellent Mario offering, or upload a screenshot of your own background to create bespoke blanking panels. To get started, visit from an iPhone 5, 5s, 6, or 6 Plus.

For those who want an entirely blank first page of their home screen, Apple began catering to minimalists with this option starting in iOS 8.


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