Screenshots expose 'Activity' Apple Watch app hidden in iOS 8.2

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Hidden within the newly released iOS 8.2 update for iPhone, the official "Activity" iPhone app for the Apple Watch has been discovered, with new screenshots showcasing how the software will look when a Watch is paired.

The Activity software was unlocked by iOS developer Hamza Sood, who posted screenshots of the app to his Twitter account. The main section appears to be the History tab, which displays the familiar Move, Stand, and Exercise rings seen in demonstrations of the Apple Watch. Going beyond what's possible on that device though, the iPhone app lets users see activity for a specific day, month, or year.

A second tab, Achievements, hints at a set of Xbox-style awards for hitting fitness milestones. The requirements for the awards aren't listed, but there are least 15 of them.

The Activity app is dedicated solely to syncing Watch fitness data. It can't be used with another fitness tracker, and in fact another screenshot from Sood reveals that it requires people to configure the Watch version of the app first.

Some controversy emerged this week when iPhone owners discovered that iOS 8.2 automatically installs the Apple Watch companion app and won't let them delete it, regardless of whether they actually have a Watch. The company is also removing rival fitness trackers from its stores, and both factors have led to complaints that Apple is trying to "push" the Watch on iPhone owners.


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