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New movie set photos show Michael Fassbender as NeXT-era Steve Jobs

Source: Instagram user seannung

Production continues on Sony's upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, and newly leaked set photos reveal some of what director Danny Boyle is currently filming at the San Francisco Opera House.

One image posted on Instagram shows a mock poster for the NeXT Computer, with actor Michael Fassbender posing as Jobs. NeXT was founded by Jobs after he was forced out of Apple in the mid-80s, suggesting that the Opera House shoot involves the computer's 1988 unveiling.

That debut actually took place across the street at the Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall, but reports have indicated that shooting will ultimately be done at both locations. Work in that general vicinity is expected to wrap up by April.

Source: Instagram user raqu3l

Fassbender himself was spotted outside the Opera Hall, decked out in the white shirt and dress pants Jobs often sported during his NeXT years.

The movie is scheduled to hit theaters on Oct. 9, and apart from Fassbender also stars Jeff Daniels, Seth Rogen, and Kate Winslet. Academy Award-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin penned the film based on information from Walter Isaacson's 2011 biography of Jobs.