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New 'Try the Watch' app uses augmented reality to visualize wearing an Apple Watch

Consumers who are still unsure of how the Apple Watch will look on their wrist can now get a better idea using nothing but their iPhone, a printer, and a pair of scissors thanks to a new augmented reality app from Belgian IT firm Underside.

Attaching a small, printable target to the wrist and then loading up the app will allow users to visualize different Apple Watch models. Tapping on the screen will cycle through different watch case and band color combinations.

Though the images are not perfect, they are a fairly close approximation and would likely suffice for those who are on the fence about purchasing a Watch based on its appearance. The renders do hover slightly over the wrist, but not enough to cause serious distortion.

Unfortunately, the app is not available in the App Store. To install it, curious users will need to visit Underside's website and download it directly, and then authorize the unapproved app to run on their device.

For those consumers for whom size is the primary concern, the Apple Store app offers actual-size renderings of each case. Previews are accessed by opening the app, selecting a Watch family, tapping "View Pricing" in the upper-right hand corner, and then tapping "Compare case sizes" in the center of the screen.

Apple will begin taking pre-orders for the Watch on April 10, with shipments starting on April 24.