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InstaMed brings first application of Apple Pay to healthcare industry

A payment service provider, InstaMed, on Monday announced it is integrating Apple Pay support, marking the first application of Apple's mobile payment platform in the healthcare industry.

The technology will allow businesses partnering with InstaMed to take payments in person using an iPhone 6, 6 Plus, or Apple Watch, or in-app via any Touch ID-capable iPhone or iPad. Some given examples including paying for a co-pay at a terminal in a hospital or doctor's office, and paying regular health insurance premiums through an insurer's mobile app.

InstaMed did not cite any specific partners planning to implement Apple Pay in the near future.

To date, businesses accepting Apple Pay have been mostly limited to major national or regional retailers specializing in food, clothing, and other consumer goods, rather than services. There are some exceptions, such as upcoming Apple partners in hotels, movie theaters, and auto service.

Apple has however been taking deeper steps into the medical world since last year, when it introduced the HealthKit data sharing framework for iOS. This March it revealed ResearchKit, a framework for mobile-based research trials, and on April 24 it will ship the Apple Watch, its first product with a heartrate sensor.

The company has previously announced collaboration with major healthcare providers for HealthKit and ResearchKit, but to date has not mentioned any direct deals for Apple Pay.