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Google Maps Easter egg shows Android mascot urinating on Apple logo [updated]

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An unknown person has inserted an Easter egg image into Google Maps, depicting the mascot for the Android operating system urinating on an Apple logo, and is now gaining attention across the Internet.

The image was discovered by Team Android and can be found near the Soan River south of Rawalpindi in Pakistan when using the standard Map view. It's not clear whether it was inserted by someone within the Google Maps team or an outsider who used a crowdsourced mapping tool. In any case, Google has yet to remove the content.

The graphic is a sendoff of a common bootleg Calvin & Hobbes image, showing Calvin urinating on whatever the bootleg's creator's doesn't like.

The rivalry between Apple and Google fans can sometimes be intense, particularly when it comes to smartphones. On April 17, two men stabbed each other with beer bottles is an argument over whether iPhones or Android devices were superior.

More attention has been drawn to the Apple versus Google battle in recent days because of Friday's launch of the Apple Watch. The product is dominating technology news, and in some cases Google itself has shot back, for instance by announcing more features for its Android Wear platform. Wear-based smartwatches could potentially be iPhone-compatible in the near future.

Update: The image has been removed. In a later statement to the Washington Post, Google said that the the content was added by an outside person. The company offers a tool called Map Maker which lets third parties keep Maps current — normally reviews by other users and a moderation team prevent offensive graphics from going live, but the company has sometimes been accused of being lax.