Apple's online store outs Touch ID-equipped iPhone 5c [u]

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A promotional photo posted to Apple's online storefront this week shows what appears to be a new version of the plastic-backed iPhone 5c, largely unchanged save for the notable addition of a Touch ID sensor in the home button.

The photo, which comes at the end of the promotional set for Apple's recently-revamped Lightning dock, depicts a pink model with a blank home button that matches the iPhone 5s and 6. The current-generation iPhone 5c carries the old-style home button with the outline of an app icon.

Aside from the Touch ID home button, the pictured device looks much the same. The FaceTime camera remains above the earpiece, while the lock button is on the top right and distinct, pill-shaped buttons control the volume.

The iPhone 5c with an apparent Touch ID fingerprint sensor was first noticed by AppleInsider reader Scott.

It's possible that the pictured device is the result of a photo composition error, though Apple is known to favor photography over computer-generated graphics. Apple has occasionally revealed new products early on its website before —  in March, the company posted a photo of what appeared to be a refreshed wireless keyboard, which was later quietly replaced.

If the device is legitimate, it could be unveiled during Apple's upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference next month. The company will hold its annual keynote address on June 8.

Update: The image has since been updated to remove the Touch ID-style home button.


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