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Apple expands HealthKit in iOS 9 to track sexual activity, ovulation, UV exposure, water intake

Beginning with iOS 9, HealthKit now accepts a number of new data types from external apps and accessories, tracking everything from water consumption to whether protection was used during sex.

Most notable in the iOS 9 Health app is a new category called "Reproductive Health." It joins the preexisting parent categories "Body Measurements," "Fitness," "Me," "Nutrition," "Results," "Sleep" and "Vitals."

In the new Reproductive Health section, focusing on women's health, specific data types that can be stored are:

  • Basal Body Temperature
  • Cervical Mucus Quality
  • Menstruation
  • Ovulation Test Result
  • Sexual Activity
  • Spotting

Each of these topics has unique variables associated with it that can be tracked. For example, under Sexual Activity, data points can note whether or not protection was used.

Beyond Reproductive Health, Apple has also added a "UV Exposure" option to the Results category. Here, time of exposure and UV Index rating. on a scale of 0 to 12, can be logged and tracked.

Corresponding with this is a new Fitzpatrick Skin Type category. Here again, a user's skin ranging from I to VI can be saved.

Water intake can be logged with HealthKit in iOS 9. Consumed fluid can be tracked in a range of measurements, but by default it's set to milliliters.

As with all other Health subjects, users can enter data points manually if they so choose, but the real key is open compatibility with third-party applications and accessories. New software, devices and services that tap into Apple's HealthKit tools will both import and export information from these new categories, allowing for users to access an even more comprehensive view of their overall wellness.