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Apple releases 'San Francisco' system fonts for iOS, OS X and watchOS 2 to developers

Apple on Friday made downloads of its San Francisco system font available to developers working on next-generation apps for iOS 9, OS X El Capitan and watchOS 2.

The typeface, which first debuted in compact form on Apple Watch, is specifically designed for maximum clarity and readability and is planned to take over all three Apple platforms this fall.

Following Apple's iOS 9 announcement earlier this week, AppleInsider offered a first look at what San Francisco will look like on iPhones and iPads once the mobile operating system launches. San Francisco supports iOS Dynamic Type to adjust letter spacing and line height dynamically, depending on font size selected.

Alongside the San Francisco typeface, Apple's system font webpage offers developers access to the TextKit API for font handling, the Apple Font Tool Suite and specifications for the TrueType Font Format and Apple Advanced Typography (AAT) Font Feature Registry.

The company previously made the Apple Watch version of San Francisco available to developers alongside Photoshop templates for mocking up app graphics.

Developers can download Apple's new San Francisco font packages through the Developer Portal.