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Apple Music signups begin appearing in iOS 8.4 beta ahead of June 30 launch

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Users of the latest iOS 8.4 public beta are encountering a signup prompt for Apple Music a full two weeks before the service is scheduled to go live, according to tips received by AppleInsider.

In screenshots shared by Alex, a reader from the Netherlands, the signup process — triggered automatically by opening the Music app — appears unfinished, with boilerplate text on the initial splash screen. There users have the option of beginning a three-month free trial or skipping to the app's regular interface.

Selecting the trial option advances to a screen where users can pick an Individual or Family membership plan, but attempting to advance any further reportedly fails.

Apple Music is not scheduled to go live until June 30. By that date Apple is planning to release the final version of iOS 8.4, as well as Mac and Windows iTunes updates, all of which are specifically intended to support Apple Music. Sometime this fall, Android and Apple TV clients will also become available.

Full access to Apple Music will cost $10 per month for a single user, and $15 per month for a six-person Family plan. People who skip signing up will still be able to access Beats 1 radio, iTunes Radio, and Connect artist feeds.