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iPod shipping times slip ahead of Apple's anticipated Tuesday update with new colors

Shipping times for some iPod models — mostly for the iPod touch — have lengthened at Apple's U.S. online store ahead of an anticipated refresh on Tuesday, during which Apple is expected to add new colors and upgrade the Touch's internals.

Checks by AppleInsider on Monday showed that all iPod touch models now have a one- to three-day delivery window, regardless of color or storage capacity. The iPod nano is mostly in stock, but space gray models are sharing the Touch's delay, and Product Red models aren't being delivered for 7 to 10 days. All colors of the iPod shuffle are being delivered immediately.

Tuesday's refresh should see new hot pink, gold, and deep blue colors introduced across the iPod lineup. They were discovered in the iTunes 12.2 resource file earlier this month by AppleInsider.

Apple is also said to be planning to upgrade the iPod touch hardware, having mostly neglected the device since 2012. The new model is expected to get a 64-bit processor, presumably the A7 used in 2013's iPhone 5s.

AppleInsider's own sources were first to reveal the iPod refresh in April. Questions still in the air include whether Apple will upgrade the iPod touch cameras and storage options, but it's expected the company will stick to a 4-inch Retina display.