Apple's Jimmy Iovine hints at curation playing part in future TV product

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While discussing Apple Music in a new interview published on Thursday, Apple executive Jimmy Iovine mentioned the prospect of applying curation to TV, potentially pointing to a direction for Apple's rumored streaming TV service.

"We all know one thing, we all have different television delivery systems, don't we all wish that the delivery systems were better, as far as curation and service?" Iovine told Wired without being asked about the topic.

He claimed that while all of the current systems are "technically good," and companies like Netflix are crossing into original content, they don't help in finding something to watch.

"That box helps you none — it doesn't help. You're on your own. And eventually that will catch them unless somebody digs in and really helps the customer. And entertainment needs that, it needs to live and breathe," the executive said.

He added however that he isn't planning to get involved in any TV projects, because music alone is "so daunting that I can't even think about anything else."

Rumors have circulated for many months that Apple is working on a TV streaming service with a "skinny" bundle of channels. The company has reportedly had a tough time negotiating content deals though, and the most recent rumor hinted at a 2016 launch, or at best late 2015.

Curation might also simply be applied to a refreshed Apple TV set-top expected in September. That device should not only have Siri and an App Store, but a new operating system, which could in theory use curation to better highlight videos available to buy and rent.


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