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Apple Watch Sport owners report unexpected rear logo damage, other text scratching off

Via Apple Support Communites user dougie70w

Some Apple Watch owners are experiencing problems with the Apple logo disappearing off the back of their devices, and/or scratching around the surrounding text, according to complaints posted online.

Issues have been ongoing for at least a few months, various posts on Reddit show. In most examples, only the logo has been affected. A Wednesday post on Apple's support forums, though, suggested similar trouble with the rest of the text as well.

One person who spoke with Apple support, contacted by AppleInsider, said they were given a call back by someone at the company, and promised a free replacement Watch so that engineers could study the problem. The Apple representative asked about local climate, activity levels, and whether the device was immersed in water, but suggested that other people have reported the problem, and only with the space gray Sport.

Many if not all of the damaged units appear to be space gray Sport models, implying that the problem is with the way text is printed on those devices. Stainless steel Watches have their text engraved instead of printed.

Via Reddit user eternitydia
Via Reddit user eternitydia

Apple marketing has placed a strong emphasis on the luxury and craftsmanship of the Watch, which has led to more attention to potential defects. The Sport is Apple's cheapest model, but still starts at $349 and uses things like tougher 7000-Series aluminum and reinforced "Ion-X" glass.