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Apple's latest Project Titan hires include staff from diverse automotive backgrounds

In recent weeks Apple has continued to hire more people likely working on Project Titan, its secretive automotive effort, profiles discovered on LinkedIn suggest.

One recruit was Hal Ockerse, now with an unspecified software engineering team, MacRumors noted. Previously Ockerse was with Tesla, where he worked on hardware architecture and advanced driver assistance system components such as camera, LiDAR, and engine control units. He also worked on similar technology for 11 years at a company called Gentex.

Subhagato Dutta, a new "technologist" at Apple, formerly worked on an automotive algorithm and imaging algorithm development team at Texas Instruments.

A third person, Yakshu Madaan, has been hired as a technical program manager. His resume includes time as an operations manager at India's Tata Motors, and he also helped develop fuel injection concepts as a research assistant at the Indian Institute of Technology and UBC.

Apple has been hiring many people with automotive experience throughout 2015, with Tesla apparently being a major recruiting target. Last month Apple picked up one of Tesla's top engineers, Jamie Carlson.

In March AppleInsider discovered that at least part of Titan's development is underway at a secret facility in Sunnyvale, Calif., specially equipped for automotive work.

Apple is typically believed to be developing an electric car, but recent reports have introduced evidence that it might also be self-driving. In August, it was confirmed that Apple discussed using a third-party facility known for testing self-driving vehicles.