How to fix the iOS 9 'Slide to Upgrade' bug using iTunes

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Since the release of iOS 9 this week, a number of users have reported an issue in which their devices are rendered useless by an unresponsive "Slide to Upgrade" screen that appears after installing the new operating system.

Apple responded to customer concerns on Friday with a simple fix posted to its Product Support website. Because it requires users have access to a computer, the workaround is a bit clunky, but is proven to be effective.

First, connect an affected iOS device to a computer running iTunes via USB. Select your powered-on device from the device list located in the top left corner of iTunes, represented by its respective icon.

If the device is not recognized, conduct a force restart operation by pressing and holding the sleep/wake and home buttons for at least 10 seconds. A successful force restart will result in an Apple logo being displayed onscreen.

Next, select Restore Backup... in the Backups box and choose a recent backup file. Users who do not have a backup stored will need to manually create one by clicking the Back Up Now button, then restore from that file.

Apple is expected to issue a permanent fix in a later iOS update.


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