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Pope visit might delay iPhone 6s preorder deliveries in NYC, Apple says

Apple on Tuesday sent out emails to an unknown number of customers living in New York City, warning them that their iPhone 6s preorders might not arrive on time due to "traffic restrictions" thought to be associated with the Pope's visit to the city this Friday.

It seems Apple is expecting Pope Francis' U.S. tour to have an impact on iPhone 6s launch day deliveries, as the company is directly warning customers in certain zip codes that they may not receive their preorder on Friday, reports The Verge.

Dear XXXX,

Thank you for your recent Apple Store purchase.

Your iPhone 6s 64GB Rose Gold is scheduled for delivery on Friday, September 25th. However, due to traffic restrictions expected for that day in New York City, your delivery may be delayed.

If we're unable to complete the delivery on Friday, we'll also be making Saturday deliveries at most locations.

To track your package, please visit UPS with your tracking number: XXXX.

We know you're looking forward to receiving your new iPhone, and we apologize if your order is affected.



While Apple falls short of blaming the delay on the Pope's visit, shipping provider UPS said as much when it issued a warning regarding Friday deliveries earlier this week. Apple is currently in the process of shipping out what is thought to be millions of iPhone 6s units to preorder customers around the world ahead of a scheduled simultaneous launch on Friday.

The huge logistical undertaking resulted in a slip up on Monday when a customer in California received their rose gold iPhone 6s preorder nearly five days early.