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Latest iPhone 6s ad features Bill Hader, Siri and Nigerian prince

Apple posted a new iPhone 6s commercial to its YouTube page on Tuesday touting the handset's new Siri Hands Free feature with the help of comedian and actor Bill Hader.

Apple's latest 30-second iPhone 6s commercial takes a humorous look at Siri's always-on Siri Hands Free feature that lets users invoke the virtual assistant by simply saying, "Hey Siri." The functionality powered by Apple's new M9 motion coprocessor, which is integrated into the iPhone 6s' A9 SoC.

In the ad, Hader, his hands full with a comically large sandwich, asks Siri to read out unread emails. Siri responds, saying there is one message from "Prince Oseph," an obvious play on the ubiquitous "Nigerian Prince" phishing scam that promises to deposit massive amounts of cash in a recipient's bank account. After reading the email, Siri asks if Hader would like to get in on deal worth "millions of currency," which of course he does.

Apple previously tapped Hader to star in a sketch that opened WWDC 2015 in June, and included the comedian in one of the first iPhone 6s ads that aired in September.

Hader's spot follows another iPhone 6s ad that ran yesterday featuring NBA MVP Steph Curry. A-list celebrities have featured prominently in Apple's most recent ad campaigns, including Jamie Foxx, Serena Gomez, Chloe Sevigny and a multitude of music icons. The company is apparently banking on star power to appeal to a wider audience, though sales are hardly stagnant, as a quarterly earnings report today revealed record iPhone sales of 48 million units for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2015.