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Skype iOS apps update with in-chat data detection, better multitasking

Microsoft on Monday released updates to its Skype apps for iPhone and iPad, adding shortcuts for detected data, as well as making it easier to get back to a call in progress.

When looking at instant messages, the apps will now highlight phone numbers, addresses, and times and dates. Tapping on a phone number opens up the dialpad for instance, though calls can only be made if a user has credit on their Skype account.

Tapping on an address will open up Apple Maps, and selecting a time or date can launch Calendar. In the latter case, Skype chat URLs are added to event notes automatically — making it possible to quickly resume a conversation.

The upgraded multitasking simply lets users tap the "active call" banner at the top of the screen to jump back to Skype, instead of having to use the iOS task switcher or find the app's icon on the homescreen.

The iPhone and iPad apps are both free from the App Store, requiring devices with iOS 7.0 or later.