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tvOS 9.1 launches for new Apple TV with Siri search for Apple Music

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The new fourth-generation Apple TV received a software update on Tuesday, with the tvOS 9.1 update giving users the ability to search for music with their voice and the Siri Remote.

tvOS 9.1 can be downloaded by opening the Apple TV Settings app, choosing System, and then Software Updates under the Maintenance subheading.

tvOS 9.1 adds support for Siri searches in the Apple Music service. Release notes for tvOS updates are not provided by Apple, making the extensive list of improvements and changes unknown.

Digging around in the tvOS code, developers have also found evidence of support for app folders. As of yet, folders are not available in tvOS 9.1.

A total of three betas for tvOS 9.1 were issued before Tuesday's public release. It also launches alongside iOS 9.2 and OS X 10.11.2.

tvOS 9.1 is the second update for the fourth-generation Apple TV, which launched in late October. The previous update, tvOS 9.0.1, debuted in November with minor bug fixes.