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FileMaker launches SDK for building native iOS apps

Apple subsidiary FileMaker on Tuesday announced the FileMaker iOS App SDK, a set of coding tools that offer developers the means to build native iPhone and iPad apps.

As reported by software consultancy geist interactive, the new SDK lets developers craft standalone iOS apps from existing FileMaker files. The resulting app is native and therefore does not require FileMaker Go, FileMaker's previous iOS solution, to run.

According to FileMaker's Steve Romig, the SDK is not intended to be used as a development platform for apps marketed on the iOS App Store, though doing so is technically possible. Assumedly, FileMaker designed the new iOS SDK to build database solutions to be distributed via a mass mobile device management system.

As the FileMaker SDK was released today, geist believes Apple has neither accepted nor rejected an app made with the tool, though the publication notes such software is compatible with Apple's MDM distribution path, as well as TestFlight.

Developers looking to take advantage of FileMaker's new iOS SDK must be enrolled in Apple's Developer Program and use Xcode on Mac to build out their wares.

FileMaker developer Todd Geist of geist interactive will be holding a seminar to discuss the new SDK on Friday, Jan. 15 at 3 p.m. Pacific.

Formed in 1998 from the remnants of defunct software maker Claris, FileMaker is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., and operates worldwide with offices in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.