U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi checks her Apple Watch on camera during State of the Union

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During last night's widely televised State of the Union address, California Representative Nancy Pelosi appeared on camera just in time to receive a notification on her Apple Watch and respond to it with a touch.

The annual report, delivered by President Obama to a joint session of members of Congress, was broadcast live by most major TV networks, cable news channels, and online via YouTube, the White House website and on streaming services including the Wall Street Journal Live app on Apple TV.

While primarily focused on the President, the live feed regularly cut to various audience members, which include legislators, members of the Supreme Court, the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs of Staff, and a variety of invited guests.

As the camera turned to Representative Pelosi, she looked down at her wrist in response to a silent Taptic Engine notification, then tapped a response and continued listening to the address, all within the span of four seconds.

A variety of watchers on Twitter, Vine and other social media networks noted the appearance of her Apple Watch (above). Fittingly, Pelosi represents California's 12th District, which is entirely within the City of San Francisco, right in Apple's back yard.

Pelosi's Apple Watch wasn't the only appearance by hardware from Cupertino. Behind the President, a long line of laptops appeared to almost entirely be composed of MacBooks emblazoned with glowing Apple logos.

Bush still wearing his Apple Watch, too

Presidential hopeful and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was also caught interacting with his Apple Watch during a meeting with the Des Moines Register editorial board today.

Appearing confused by its capabilities, Bush first said, "my watch can't be talking," then, "I'd never had my BatPhone be turned on!" He then replied to the call with "I'll call you back," and dismissed it.

"That's the coolest thing in the world," he said afterward. "I know when it's ringing but I've never actually used it! ...underutilized iWatch."

Despite appearing baffled by its capabilities, Bush has been seen regularly wearing his Apple Watch on the campaign trail. When asked by Business Insider about it in December, Bush said he thought "it requires a lot more work than it needs to. It's not as intuitive as the other Apple products. The battery gets out too quick, I don't have time to learn all the applications, but it's cool."


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