Microsoft's 'bug chicks' praise Windows 10, diss Macs in new ad campaign

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Two middle-aged women and a host of insects star in the latest ads for Microsoft's Windows 10, demonstrating some of that operating system's most prominent features while holding spiders and talking trash about the Mac.

The self-styled "bug chicks" — who Microsoft insists are "real people" — chat about Windows 10 features that have become helpful in the duo's insect education business. Kristie seems to represent the Mac with her outdoorsy outfit, while the more buttoned-up Jess makes up the Windows half.

The four spots variously focus on Cortana, Inking (that is, drawing on a touchscreen-enabled laptop), and Hello, Microsoft's implementation of facial recognition for authentication.

In each ad, Jess shows off a feature that Kristie then admires wistfully, admitting her Mac is incapable of such a feat. "She's so helpful, she's like an assistant!" Jess says cheerfully of Cortana's ability to find photos of treehoppers.

"Even on the new Macs they don't have that," Kristie longingly replies.

"I don't have a touchscreen on my Mac," she opines in one spot.

Kristie appears to have been less than thrilled with the Hello feature, though, repeating the line about new Macs once more.

Each ad ends with the tag "Windows 10 PCs do more. Just like you." The strategy echoes Apple's long-discontinued "I'm a Mac" ads, and comes as competitors more brazenly attack Apple thanks to the Cupertino company's continued growth in nearly every market.

Samsung has employed the direct comparison strategy for years. Microsoft is no stranger either, often going after the MacBook Air in ads for the Surface line.


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