Samsung says '6>6' in new Galaxy S6 Edge ad

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In its never ending quest to one-up Apple, Samsung on Thursday revealed a new ad campaign counting the ways the partially curved Galaxy S6 Edge display outperforms iPhone 6. The spots come with the cheeky tagline, "When you do the math it's clear, six is greater than six."

Two 30-second commercials comprise the "6>6" campaign, each touting "the edge" Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge has over Apple's iPhone 6, no matter how trivial — arguably useless — it may be.

For the uninitiated, Samsung's Edge is a Galaxy S6 variant with a flexible OLED display wrapping partially around both sides of the handset. A specialized UI is thus capable of rendering, to varying effect, visual cues and interactive content along these strips of screen.

One ad spotlights Edge Lighting, a visual UI alert that flashes different colors on the curved bits of screen when a top-five contact calls and the handset is face down (the phone automatically mutes itself in this position). iPhone, by contrast, can only vibrate. Unsurprisingly, no mention is made of Apple's LED alert Accessibility option.

Another thing iPhone can't do: wide-angle selfies. The Galaxy S6 Edge boasts a 5-megapixel, 120-degree front-facing camera that produces screen-filling images even in landscape mode, while the iPhone 6's 1.2MP FaceTime shooter spits out 1,280-by-980-pixel shots.

Samsung also points to Edge's ability to display texts, news, stocks and other information on its semi-sidewall panel segments, great for viewing single lines of text at extreme angles like when your Galaxy is placed at eye-level on a credenza, or perhaps when you're resting your head on a table after an epic wide-angle selfie session.

Not all claims are fluff, however, as Samsung makes a legitimate argument for quick wireless charging. Apple recently dipped its toe into the inductive power pool with Apple Watch, but the process is slow, finicky and may not make it to iPhone anytime soon.

Today's commercials come a month after Samsung seemingly borrowed from Apple's PR style whole cloth with an ad containing shot-for-shot recreations of Apple Watch promo footage.


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