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New iPhone 7 case rumor depicts thinner body, nearly flush camera


Rumored case designs purportedly leaked from Apple supplier Catcher Technology suggest that the next major iPhone design will feature a streamlined rear case design with larger cutout accommodating a virtually flush rear camera lens.

Published by French blog, the leak images portray a redesigned rear case lacking the band seams that currently cross the top and bottom of iPhone 6/6s models.


The rear camera is depicted as being surrounded by a larger black orifice, explaining that the new design results in a "slight bulging outgrowth" rather than today's protruding lens.

The source of the images said that the case "seems slightly thinner than the iPhone 6s, confirming in passing the lack of a headphone jack port."

Steve Hemmerstoffer has posted a full body rendering on the site, depicting an artist's conception of the rear of the upcoming iPhone 7. The new model is expected to arrive this fall.