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Apple's new iPhone SE lags siblings in sales as 9.7" iPad Pro performs well, analytics data says

The newest, littlest iPhone hasn't captured the imagination of smartphone buyers just yet, new launch data indicates, while the 9.7-inch iPad Pro has seen steady adoption following last week's debut.

In the days after the iPhone SE was released to the public, it accounted for just 0.1 percent of all iPhones observed by analytics firm Localytics. That is the lowest first-weekend total for any new iPhone release in the last five years, just behind the 0.3 percent posted by the jumbo iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus.

For comparison, the iPhone 6 posted the highest total, accounting for 2 percent of all observed iPhones over its first weekend.

It's not clear why the iPhone SE may be lagging, though its mid-cycle release — when many consumers in the U.S. are in the middle of wireless contracts — may have something to do with it. AppleInsider's review found it to be an incredibly capable and future-proof device that those clamoring for a smaller form factor will enjoy.

Meanwhile, the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro accounted for 0.4 percent of all iPads in its first weekend. That matches the iPad Air 2 and is a tick higher than the 0.3 percent showing of the larger iPad Pro.

The numbers came from an examination of data from more than 100 million iPhones and 50 million iPads. The opening weekend for the iPhone SE and iPad Pro was defined as March 31 to April 3.