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Three-fifths of Apple Watch owners plan to upgrade to next model sight unseen

A little over three-fifths of current Apple Watch owners are planning to upgrade to the next model, even though any features it might have are still nebulous, according to survey data published on Friday.

The same survey, conducted online by "customer acquisition" firm Fluent, found that just 8 percent of 2,578 people said they already own a Watch. Both owners and non-owners cited the cost of the device as the main disincentive for buying one — even with a recent $50 price cut, the cheapest model is $299, which can be an expensive proposition for a device that already requires a iPhone.

While a simliar percentage of people said they owned non-Apple smartwatches, the vast majority of respondents said they had no smartwatch at all.

Current Watch owners identified convenience and features as their main interests in buying one, with fashion and affordability being distant concerns. Fashion was slightly more significant with the broader survey group, but behind features.

Very few rumors about a second-generation Watch have emerged, despite the normally intense scrutiny of Apple products. Some have hinted at the prospect of a better battery, a thinner body, and/or improved outdoor visibility — most recently, Apple began hiring for more watchfaces, but these could potentially be introduced to first-gen units through a watchOS update.