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Leaked iPhone app suggests Samsung preparing iOS support for Gear S2 smart watch

An unfinished app for managing Samsung's Gear S2 smartwatch has quietly appeared online, which may hint that Samsung is nearly ready to deliver on its promised iOS support.

Although the app — shared on XDA Forums — could be fake and unofficial, it appears to be well-translated into multiple languages. The app also appears to work with an S2 at least on a basic level, so long as the watch is updated to specific firmware.

Some features may not work correctly however, and a few people trying the app have claimed that it will only connect with a watch so long as the software's still running — if iOS quits all processes, connection may be lost.

During January's Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung promised to add iOS support to the S2, which currently only supports Android phones. Indeed the product isn't even an Android Wear device, but instead built on Tizen, a proprietary Samsung operating system.

At the time Samsung didn't say when or how it would introduce iOS support, but an iPhone app of some sort would be needed to manage the watch's own apps and settings.