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Apple by itself earns +40% of the profits of Silicon Valley's top 150 companies

Source: San Jose Mercury News

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While the world waits to see just how many iPhones, iPads and Macs Apple sold in the March quarter, a report on the top 150 firms in California's Silicon Valley shows that Apple earned more than 40 percent of the region's total profits in 2015, and its revenues grew 2.5x as fast as its peers year over year.

The "SV150" is compiled by the region's San Jose Mercury News, from Bloomberg data and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings of the companies.

Published as a searchable database, the numbers show that Apple brought in revenues of $234.98 billion, three times as much as second place Google and the rest of its Alphabet of related ventures.

Apple's $53.731 billion in profits were also more than three times as large as Alphabet's. Apple also paid $18.941 billion in taxes, or more than 5.6 times as much as Alphabet.

Writing for the Merc, Patrick May noted that Apple's 2015 sales were "more than the combined sales of the 41 other companies in the SV150's enterprise sector, which includes companies that sell information technology to businesses and other large enterprises," and "nearly equal to the aggregate revenue of the 14 companies in the Web sector, which includes standouts like Google and Facebook, along with the 30 companies in the chip sector, with heavy-hitters like Intel and Applied Materials."

Apple brought in revenues $3 billion higher than the next four big firms combined (Alphabet, Intel, HP Enterprise and HP), although it paid more than twice as much in taxes as those other four firms combined.

Even so, Apple's stock is currently valued at just $581 billion, only about $100 billion more than Alphabet. Alphabet and Intel together have a valuation higher than Apple, despite both companies combined bringing in revenues of $100 billion less and earning less than half of the profits Apple delivered.

On Tuesday after the market close, Apple will announce its earnings for the most recent March quarter, the company's fiscal Q2 2016.