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Drake says new album's Apple Music exclusivity just one week long

Although Drake's new album Views From the 6 is launching today as an Apple Music exclusive, that exclusivity period is just one week long, according to the rapper.

Drake made the announcement on Apple's Beats 1 radio on Thursday night, when a global listening party for the album was held. Apple confirmed that the album would be an exclusive earlier this month, but at the time, wouldn't say how long the arrangement would last.

People wanting to own the album instead of just streaming it can buy it through iTunes. The exclusivity does, however, mean that the album can't be found on other streaming services like Spotify or Tidal, or downloaded from storefronts like Amazon or Google Play. Only the singles "One Dance" and "Pop Style" can be found outside of Apple services.

Apple has managed to exploit longer-lasting exclusives to its benefit, most notably Taylor Swift's 1989, which still can't be streamed on Spotify or Tidal. Swift almost boycotted Apple as well, until the company agreed to pay royalties to artists from tracks streamed by trial listeners.

Tidal is wielding exclusives of its own, one suddenly important example being the full catalog of Prince, who died on April 21. Spotify tends to have fewer flagship exclusives, but is the most popular on-demand service and the default for many musicians.