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Apple Maps adds public transit directions for Rio de Janeiro in prep for 2016 Summer Olympics

People in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro can now access public transit directions through Apple Maps, an addition presumably geared towards the 2016 Summer Olympics, which start on August 5.

The directions cover the city's bus, subway, and light/commuter rail lines, as well as ferry boats. High bus fares were famously the subject of many protests across Brazil in 2013, and indeed the country is in greater turmoil now over issues including not just the Olympics, but corruption and waste at the highest levels of government — such as President Dilma Rousseff, who faces impeachment.

Apple Maps' transit coverage has expanded considerably since it returned to the app in September with iOS 9. In the last month alone, additions have included Austin, Montreal, Portland (Ore.), and Seattle.

Apple has typically concentrated on major cities when adding transit coverage, and then mostly in the United States and China. Indeed Rio appears to be the first city in Brazil, and many nations around the world still lack any coverage.

Support for transit directions is likely to continue growing throughout the year, as it should for other features of Maps, like 3D Flyover imagery and real-time traffic data.