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Filemaker 15 launches with support for Apple's Touch ID, 3D Touch

Apple-owned subsidiary Filemaker launched version 15 on Tuesday, making it easier to build customized apps using the latest iOS features without the need for complicated programming knowledge.

With an emphasis on mobility and aimed at improving both security and ease of access, the new Filemaker 15 supports Touch ID on compatible iPhones, as well as pressure-sensitive 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s series.

Apple's latest update to Filemaker also in bridges communication gaps, making it easier to build customized apps for groups of users under 100 people across different platforms. Filemaker's tools are suitable for small businesses to medium-sized companies that do not have a full-scale IT department, but still demand the ability to create custom, packaged apps to be competitive and grow.

New mobility enhancements extend to app extensions, iBeacons and phone browsers. And support for app extensions in FileMaker Go 15 makes it it easy to move files within a project to other apps for editing.

Filemaker 15 also offers greater support for iBeacons, thus allowing users to gather and display proximity-based data within apps they have built. Via Filemaker's WebDirect technology, users can now access web apps on their mobile phone browsers more easily, as the apps are now mobile-responsive, optimizing automatically for screen resolution and size.

Additional features include the ability to fully harness the power of the Filemaker platform on mobile devices such as using custom apps to scan bar codes, capture signatures and add camera photos and videos.

Ease of use has also been improved with a modern user interface, built-in templates and flexible design tools to make it easier to get started instantly. Users can import data via contact management, asset and inventory tools as well as spreadsheets easily to customize and create precise apps. In addition, users can create reports as needed in spreadsheet format with full-color charts.

Filemaker 15 also has security upgrades to conceal sensitive information such as edit boxes, proactive security warnings and greater support for SSL certificates. Security for individual user privileges now extends down to a specific field.

In terms of performance and efficiency, Filemaker 15 now offers in-line progress bars and stat logging to monitor activity and diagnose any speed or performance concerns.

Users can also automate and simplify certain repetitive functions for easier integration such as highlighting errors in scripts, undoing script functionality quickly and embedding SQL, XML sources similar to native databases. Scripting errors appear in red, making it easy to identify and fix quickly.

Designed in mind for smaller teams, Filemaker 15 now offers annual subscription licensing for up to 5 users at $888 per year. This license includes access to the FileMaker Server, Pro, Go and WebDirect software and support services across desktop, web and mobile devices.

There are also options for individual use such as $108/user for Filemaker Pro, $180/user for FileMaker Pro Advanced and $348/user FileMaker Server. You can also purchase one-time perpetual licenses at $329, $549, and $1044 for FileMaker Pro, Advanced and Server respectively.

The App Store offers a free download of the new Filemaker Go 15, which can be used to access solutions created by Filemaker Pro remotely. Filemaker Go requires iOS 9.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch.