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Apple releases searchable WWDC 2016 session text transcripts

Developers seeking additional information from Apple's more than 125 Worldwide Developers Conference session videos can now narrow down results thanks to searchable text transcripts released on Friday.

Like it did last year, Apple transcribed the multitude of session videos recorded during WWDC 2016 and indexed the results into a searchable database accessible from its developer webpage. The company announced transcript availability in an update to its developer portal earlier today.

Integrated into the search bar on Apple's developer website, the database can be used to locate keywords across all available videos, giving developers easy access to all relevant information on a particular topic. Database searches pinpoint exactly when in a video a keyword is mentioned, saving developers the time and energy it would normally take to scrub through an entire recording. Results are displayed with generated hyperlinks to specific timestamps, allowing users to share search results with colleagues.

The transcript search feature is also handy for surfacing results from seemingly unrelated content. For example, a search for "watchOS 3" returns the usual selection of Apple Watch themed videos, as well as footage from sessions covering new capabilities like SpriteKit and SceneKit integration.

Once in Apple's web player, transcripts can be accessed and searched on by clicking on the "Transcript" tab provided below the video.

Apple unveiled a host of new and upcoming technologies at WWDC 2016, including its next generation operating systems, and AppleInsider was on location with full coverage of the event. For details on the software that will be powering your devices come this fall, check out our series of reports on iOS 10, macOS Sierra, watchOS 3 and tvOS 10.