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Apple confirms plans to open first Apple Store in Taiwan

Apple on Friday revealed that it's planning to launch its first store in Taiwan, finally coming to the island where a number of its suppliers are headquartered.

The company posted its first job listings earlier in the day, and later confirmed its intentions with Reuters. It didn't say when the shop would open or where in the country it would operate, though the strongest candidate is presumably the capital of Taipei.

Taiwan is the last part of the "Greater China" region to have an Apple retail footprint. The company made its initial landing in Hong Kong, and has since pushed deeper into the mainland, with over 40 locations spread around major cities.

Apple suppliers like Catcher, Foxconn, Largan, and TSMC are based in Taiwan, though the bulk of Foxconn's manufacturing is done in mainland China, owing to cheaper costs and a larger labor pool. People wanting to buy Apple products in Taiwan have so far had to order online or find a third-party retailer.

Yesterday the company revealed plans to launch its long-awaited Brooklyn outlet in New York City, which will throw open its doors July 30.