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More expensive iPad Pro helps boost Apple Q3 revenues despite lower unit sales

Revenue-wise, the iPad Pro appears to have helped Apple make the iPad its only growing hardware segment during the June quarter, despite the category actually registering yet another drop in sales.

iPad revenues rose 7 percent year-over-year to $4.876 billion, even with units falling 9 percent from 10.251 million to 9.95 million, according to Apple's quarterly breakdown. In contrast, Mac and iPhone revenues were down 13 and 23 percent, respectively.

The company's "other products" category — including the Apple TV, Apple Watch, and Beats accessories — saw revenue slide 16 percent to $2.219 billion.

iPad sales have been on a continuous decline for many quarters. The trend has been blamed on a variety of factors, such as the rise of smartphones over 5 inches — like the iPhone 6s Plus — and slower upgrade cycles. While phones are often replaced every two to three years, tablets can sometimes be kept for four years or more.

The iPad Pro likely reversed the associated revenue slide because of price hikes. The 9.7-inch model starts at $599, $100 more than the company used to charge for similarly-sized iPads. The 12.9-inch tablet is even more expensive, ranging from $799 to a whopping $1,229 before adding in accessories like an Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard.