Possible Apple 'iPhone 7' video shows functional camera

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A new video attributed to the same Chinese repair shop as photos published earlier on Thursday depicts a device alleged to be an "iPhone 7" actually functioning, and running Apple's camera test application.

AppleInsider has confirmed that the software shown running in the video is the Apple camera test application from an unknown version of the Switchboard test suite previously shown as installed on the device.

In a brief segment at the end of the two tests appear to have failed, or not completed. The video is not of sufficient resolution to make out the text on the tests marked with a clear red "x."

The video does not utterly confirm that the device in custody is the new iPhone 7. While the camera test suite depicted appears to be from Apple's Switchboard, it matches that as seen in the prerelease version of the iPhone 6.

AppleInsider is not familiar with Switchboard versions beyond the one that was used for the iPhone 6, and the interface in the video is identical to our previous limited experience with the test software. Given no apparent change in the interface, the possibility remains that the video depicts an iPhone 6 that has been transplanted into a mockup case running the iOS 8-based version of Switchboard. New iPhone case fabrications currently proliferate in the Chinese marketplace, but all seem to be from the same source of data.

As with the pictures from early Thursday, there are no physical differences on display in the video that have not already been disclosed.