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Questionable photos of space black 'iPhone 7 Plus' appear online

New photos of an alleged "iPhone 7 Plus" emerged over the weekend, but may be of a mockup instead, given past images from the same source.

The photos from "KK", shared by TechTastic, purport to show closeups of the "Plus" in a space black color. The device is depicted has having a rear-mounted Smart Connector, which recent rumors have been inconsistent about. More significantly it's labeled as an "S" variant, a term Apple is unlikely to use again having released the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus last September.

The camera bump may also be sized differently than in some previous leaks, and have smaller holes.

On the bottom of the phone's casing, there are indications of stressed or deformed material above the right screw-hole. The machined holes to the right of the Lightning port are clearly not the same size or relative location of those on the left hand side of the case.

The device/mockup may be the same one seen in less detail from photos from on August 11.

Apple is believed to be planning an iPhone event for early September. The new models, likely featuring the "A10" chipset and better camera technology, should become available a week or two later.