T-Mobile tweaks unlimited One plan in response to complaints, adds One Plus tier

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Responding to early criticism of its One unlimited plan, T-Mobile on Monday announced some significant changes, including the creation of a "One Plus" tier costing an additional $25 per month.

The standard $70 One plan — launching earlier, on Sept. 1 — will now offer unlimited 3G tethering in the U.S., the carrier said. Previously that tethering would've defaulted to 2G speeds, forcing people to pay an extra $15 for 5 gigabytes of fast data.

The One Plus tier will upgrade subscribers to unlimited 4G tethering, unlimited HD video, and 3G international data roaming. T-Mobile had originally planned to make HD alone a $25 add-on, but faced significant blowback.

People on the regular One plan will still be limited to 480p video, but have the option of paying $3 for 24-hour installments of HD.

One subscribers will be able to add a second line for $50 per month, and $20 for each line after that in a family plan.