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Suspect 27" iMac model with Intel Kaby Lake pops up at Best Buy

An aberration has appeared on the BestBuy website, showing a possible 27-inch 5K iMac with a seventh generation Kaby Lake Intel Core processor — but some discrepancies cast some doubt on the listing.

At some point on Sunday night, the line item for a new iMac appeared. Carrying a model number of K0SC0LL/A, the Best Buy web page claims it has a seventh generation Intel Core i7 processor, a 27-inch display, 32GB memory, a 2TB fusion drive, and the AMD Radeon R9 M380 graphics chipset with 2GB of video RAM.

The Best Buy line item retails for $3200. However, an existing model customized with a 4.0 GHz sixth generation i7 processor with 32GB of RAM, and a 2TB Fusion drive can be built to order at for $3150, only $50 less than the Best Buy price.

The R9 M380 is an odd inclusion on the Best Buy page, given that the R9 M395 is available in the existing 5k iMac.

Additionally, it is not clear if Kaby Lake quad-core processors suitable for a 27-inch Retina 5K iMac are currently shipping.

Another discrepancy is the Apple model number as listed by Best Buy. The K0SC0LL/A does not conform to existing nomenclature of MK462, MK472, or MK482 prefacing a remaining two digits, and completed with a /A.

The rumor mill has had little to say about an iMac refresh, but it has been a year since the last iMac refresh, so adding Kaby Lake to the iMac at the same time that a MacBook Pro may be introduced with it is possible.