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Microsoft releases preview edition of Visual Studio for Mac

As anticipated earlier this week, Microsoft on Wednesday released Visual Studio for the Mac, bringing over one of its signature Windows developer tools.

The Mac edition is currently available only in a free preview build, but takes advantage of technology Microsoft acquired from Xamarin to support C# development for iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android, including access to the Xamarin Test Cloud. For server-based projects, the app supports Azure and .NET Core.

Users can integrate NuGet packages, and a number of third-party resources like Git and Subversion. Other features include Intellisense code completion, visual designers, and universal search across files, types, members, commands, and NuGets.

Traditionally Microsoft has encouraged developers to remain with Windows, but in recent years the company has become more platform-agnostic, willing to support other devices and operating systems — so long as people use Microsoft software and services.