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MacBook Pro integrated GPU misidentified by system profiler, confusing some early buyers

Some recipients of the new MacBook Pro with integrated GPU are reporting that the macOS System Profiler is reporting that the chipset is better than it is, but the problem is purely cosmetic and the GPU is being properly utilized by the system.

Some users are reporting that the System Information app is reporting that the integrated chipset present in their new MacBook Pro is the Iris Pro 580, rather than the Intel HD Graphics 530 chipset. However, the Iris Pro 580 is not found in any of the processors that Apple has selected for use in the new MacBook Pro, and has not been included in the new hardware.

Chips utilizing the Iris Pro draw significantly more power than the ones utilizing the Intel HD Graphics 530.

"The problem is a result of mistaken communication between the System Information developer team, and the hardware team," AppleInsider was told by a source within Apple. "The [Intel HD Graphics] 530 is reporting to the OS right, it's the System Information app database that's leading users down the primrose path."

AppleInsider was not given any timetable for a bug fix to the System Information app.