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Readdle's popular iOS email client Spark arrives on the Mac App Store

Previously available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, Readdle's hit email client Spark launched on macOS on Wednesday, and is now available as a free download from the Mac App Store.

Spark for Mac is a 13.3-megabyte download that requires macOS 10.11 or later. It works with email accounts from a variety of providers, including Apple's iCloud, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Outlook and Exchange.

Key features from the iOS version of Spark have made their way to the Mac, including a "Smart Inbox" that allows users to view important emails first. In this view, messages are categorized as either Personal, Notifications, or Newsletters.

Spark for Mac also boasts natural language search, allowing users to just type what they are thinking and easily find what they are looking for.

The app also features smart notifications, intended to filter out noise and only alert users when they receive an important email. A feature called "Teach Spark" allows the app to learn which types of emails are important, and which are not essential.

Calendar invitations in Spark are handled with their own card and can be accepted with one click. Users can also quickly swipe between signatures when firing off an email, and respond quickly to emails with quick like, love or acknowledgement characters.

Spark also features threaded forwarded messages, and complete customization of its layout. And it allows users to snooze messages for later, and integrate with external file sharing clients like Dropbox, iCloud Drive and more.

AppleInsider recommended Spark as the best all-around replacement for Dropbox's Mailbox, after that third-party email client was discontinued earlier this year. Other popular options are Google's Gmail client, which was recently redesigned, and Microsoft's Outlook app, which features a powerful selection of robust tools.

Earlier this year, AppleInsider also polled readers on their favorite third-party email clients for the Mac. Airmail was the top pick, with Microsoft Outlook taking second, and Nylas N1 in third. Of those, only AirMail is available on the Mac App Store, now joined by Spark.