How to change back the Apple TV's Home button behavior in tvOS 10.1

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At some point, Apple's new "TV" app will be compatible with more cable systems and content providers, but until that day, the Apple TV Home button defaulting to the app may not be optimal for most users. AppleInsider explains how to change the Home button back to its previous behavior, taking you to the home screen rather than the "TV" app.

Apple's "TV" app might be great some day. It's pretty decent now for subscribers of DirecTV's and Dish's satellite service, and a few other smaller providers.

But, if you don't have one of the supported cable services, don't purchase iTunes content, and don't subscribe to services like HBO Go, it may not be ideal for you. The most popular streaming service — Netflix — does not support content searching in the "TV" app.

For users who want the old behavior back, here's how to change it:

1) Navigate back to the home screen, and select "Settings"

2) Select "Remotes and Devices"

3) Select "Home Button" - the current default is "TV App"

4) Hit the remote button once, toggling the default back to "Home Screen" — one additional hit returns it to "TV App"