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Six-month Campus 2 timelapse shows future Apple HQ's race to completion

A new aerial timelapse of Apple's future Cupertino headquarters, Campus 2, shows that while significant construction progress has been made, there is still an ample of amount work left before it resembles a polished corporate complex.

While some satellite structures like the R&D building and the parking garage appear mostly complete in the drone video, shot by Matthew Roberts, other aspects like Phase 2 and the primary access tunnel are still in a rough state, and indeed even the main ring — the so-called "spaceship" — has plenty of construction ahead.

Landscaping — which only began a few months ago — is still in its early stages, as most of the grounds are covered in bare dirt and many trees have yet to be planted. Indeed, landscaping work is scheduled to continue into at least the second quarter of 2017, long past when the rest of the campus will be finished.

Officially, building construction is supposed to be done by the start of next year. The Roberts video suggests that crews will miss that goal, though it might be possible for the first Apple teams to move in by February or March.