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T-Mobile cuts off free 200MB data plans for new 4G iPad buyers

As of this week, 4G iPad buyers will no longer be able to claim a free 200-megabyte data plan with T-Mobile U.S., the carrier has announced.

The Free Data for Life tier is no longer available for new activations, T-Mobile said in a support document. Existing plans will continue to work, but are attached to individual devices —meaning that anyone upgrading to a new iPad will be forced to choose a paid plan.

Under the company's One unlimited tier, adding a tablet costs $20 per month on top of the $75 for phone service.

The end of the Free Data for Life promotion could support rumors that Apple is preparing to refresh the iPad Pro line. The company is expected to upgrade the specifications of the 12.9-inch model, while simultaneously introducing a new 10.5-inch form factor.

In recent weeks, the availability of 12.9-inch Pros has shrunk considerably. New U.S. orders aren't slated to ship until between May 22 and 30, which could be when new Pros will go on sale.

In March Apple replaced the iPad Air 2 with a $329 "budget" iPad, sporting a faster A9 processor but a screen borrowed from the original Air.