New video montage shows gradual evolution of Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino

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New drone footage shows the progress that has been made on the Apple Park headquarters facility in the last year — but there still appears to be a lot of outstanding tasks to hammer out .

Though some buildings are now essentially complete — such as the "spaceship," the parking garages, and the fitness and R&D centers — work is unfinished in areas like the main tunnel, as seen in drone footage shot and compiled by Matthew Roberts. Landscaping and the Steve Jobs Theater are a long ways from completion, though both have made progress and were already only scheduled to finish sometime later this year.

Construction equipment and debris has gradually vanished, leaving many areas much cleaner. There are no longer any cranes on the site for example, and the infamous "mountain of dirt" has completely disappeared.

Eventually Apple Park will fill with more than 12,000 people, including CEO Tim Cook. The company's original headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop is expected to be repurposed and gather together various cloud teams.

Apple Park has experienced various delays and cost overruns, in the order of years and billions of dollars. It was in fact originally meant to open as far back as 2015, but was held back by factors like Apple's strict demands for materials and design. The company has also installed green energy wherever possible, including a mix of fuel cells and rooftop solar panels.

The new headquarters was one of the last things announced by former CEO Steve Jobs. He in fact played a key part in its general design, and coined the "spaceship" term for the main ring.


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