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Apple issues new 3.7.2 firmware update for AirPods owners

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Apple on Wednesday released a small firmware update for its fully wireless AirPods, version 3.7.2, though what the patch does exactly remains unknown.

The update should install automatically the next time a person connects their AirPods to a paired iPhone or iPad, as long as they're stored inside a plugged-in charging case. To check the active firmware version owners can go into the iOS Settings app, then tap General, About, and finally AirPods.

As usual with the earbuds, Apple hasn't supplied release notes. That likely implies minor bugfixes and/or performance boosts, rather than any significant changes in functionality.

AirPods continue to be in short supply months after their original launch. In the U.S. for instance Apple is estimating a 6-week shipping delay for online orders, potentially making it necessary to track down the product at third-party sellers like AT&T or Verizon.

The AirPods are equipped with Apple's W1 wireless chip, which enables a more reliable Bluetooth connection and easier pairing with Apple devices. They can also be paired with non-Apple hardware, but with limited control.